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Male Editorials.

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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to maleeditorials, a community dedicated to any editorials featuring male models. Feel free to join and post any editorials or campaigns you may have. Please read and follow the rules. This community is friends only, so you will have to join to see the posts.

· All entries must be friends only.

· All editorials or campaigns posted must feature male models. No female model-only posts can be posted.

· Only one picture outside the cut. It must be exactly 300 x 210 pixels. If you cannot reduce the picture, ask the mods and they will do it for you. Additionally, all pictures must have a black border.

· No text outside the cut, unless specifying an editorial's or a campaign's information. The exact format is posted bellow.

· Mood and song being listened are not allowed.

· Promotion or icon posts are not allowed and will be deleted without notice.

· Please no hotlinking and no removing or breaking of links. To upload pictures use photobucket, imageshack, tinypic, flckr (allows nudity), etc.

· Make sure to credit the source where you got the pictures from.

· If you use any images posted in this community, please ask the poster first and finally, credit both the poster and the community.

· When posting an editorial, please follow this format:

· Please use the name of the editorial as the title for your post. If the title is unknown, then put "Untitled"

· When posting a campaign, please follow this format:

· The title for a campaign entry must go as follow: Designer, Season, Year (i.e. Dior Homme Autumn Winter 2007). Please do not abbreviate!

· When posting a fragrance ad, please use the following format:

· The title for all fragrance ads must be as following: Name of Fragrance by Designer (i.e. Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana)

· Please don't be afraid of posting with all the rules, we're just trying to make the community as organized as possible.

· When taking any of the content of this community, please credit the person credit in the entry, not the person who posted it.

· Any post that doesn't follow any of the rules will be deleted after being warned twice.

· affiliate list: comment here to become an affiliate.

· layout overrides by fate @ hoist.

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